The Journey Home

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Letter

Sweet Biruk Abigail,

You have been here for 8 months and I really can't believe it!  You have brought so much laughter and fun into our house.  I can't remember life without you, and I don't want to!  Your sweetness (and even your difficult-ness at times) has increased the grace and the joy in our house by 10.  Here is a couple of my favorite times with you, Biruk:

*The first time I saw you.  You were so quiet, holding onto daddy's neck.  Your eyes got H-U-G-E when you saw that "jumpy-jumpy" (trampoline:)) and you bounced the tar out of it with us.  You actually hugged me 10 minutes in!  We played catch with a little red ball, and you refused to put your tongue inside of your mouth!:)
*The day that you discovered toys beyond the pull-around-on-a-string dog.  You dug right into that big trunk of toys and had a blast.
*The first time that you kissed me.  It was only the 2nd day that you had been home, and you cuddled right up on my lap and kissed my cheek.  My heart nearly exploded from joy!  You were a sweetheart right from the beginning, weren't you?
*Watching you learn how to swing:)  Now you're a pro, but then...falling off of the swing was a regular thing!  Loved watching your eyes light up when you finally learned how to pump your legs and make that swing go.
*Seeing you warm right up to church.  You loved your "school" from the very first time you went there.  You melted every single teacher's heart, and made just about 100 friends that day.
*I didn't really know you then, but the first time I saw your picture.  It was a cold, gross-looking-kind-of day, and I was over at the neighbors' house.  Leah called me on the phone and told me to "GET OVER HERE!!!"  So, I sprinted across the yard (barefoot.) and ran right to the dining room.  Tears on every face, dad peeking through the window since he had been making maple syrup, and a laptop in front of mom.  "We got a phone call, Em!!" mom said through her tears, "We HAVE A LITTLE GIRL!"  Your picture was small and sweet.  You looked ornery, (Were we right on that or what!?) and your smile was small.  I fell in love right about there.
*When I found out that your name means "blessed".  Hon, we were blessed by you!
*The very first time that you were thrown 30-somethin' feet into the air by daddy...hearing your screech of joy.

These are just a few examples, Biruky:)  There has been many more, and there will be many more. I can not describe how glad I am that you are my sis.  I love you, Biruk.



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