The Journey Home

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts and Snippets...

While I was in Ethiopia, I recorded some sights and experiences in short little snippets.  It was a good way to help me not to forget without having to write paragraphs at a time!  Here they are.

Clouds on mountains
Shanty with flower roof to shade the sun
Child-shepherd with long shepherd's pole, standing watch on a rock and guarding his family's cattle
One hump camels eating the low leaves of an acacia
Tears in Abby and Jennifer's eyes as they see their babies for the first time
Carts being pulled by old donkeys
Cattle, donkeys, and goats crossing the roads
Clothes and diapers hanging on the line in the orphanage courtyard
Small brown hand on the other side of my van window, my own on top of hers...a wide smile, a sparkle in the eye
Teenage boy reading in English "Vacation with a Purpose" off of Aaron's shirt
Small boy hiding below the van window; slowly slips a black, plastic bag through the window for Aaron to grab; he does.  Giggles erupt.
Spotting Biruk on the playroom floor of the orphanage, eyes cast down.  Butterflies in my stomach.
Wanting so much to touch her but patiently giving her time to warm up.  Shaking hands that will not still.
Helping her to look in our eyes as we roll a bouncy green ball with her
Wide smile, but no teeth!, as I paint her thumbnail pink.  Wondering, will her nails still be pink when we pick her up?
Biruk holding up her other fingers expectantly for me to paint...she climbs into my lap by herself!  Ohhhh, the feeling of having her in my lap, finally!
Blowing on her nails together to dry them.  She tucks her upper lip under when she blows!
Jennifer and Jae's baby cries; Biruk stops our play to walk over to the baby.  She picks up the baby's book and tries to make her smile.  Me thinking what a tender, kind, sweet spirit she has.
Thinking over and over how very brave she is.
Watching Aaron pop bubbles Biruk blows.  My heart filling with love.
Noticing how tired Biruk looks; the heart swelling when nurse tells me Biruk refused her nap because she was too excited to meet us.
Mother instincts kick in...I walk over to see if Biruk will let me pick her up.  She's limp, but she lets me!  My heart throbs and swells with joy!
I kiss Biruk on the cheek; she giggles.  We play a game where I kiss, kiss, kiss; she smiles wide, and the first true giggle escapes her throat.  I feel as though my heart will burst inside my chest.
Biruk proudly showing us her bed, her space
Aaron picks up Biruk and whispers in her ear, "I love you, sweet girl."  My eyes fill with happy and sad tears.
Learning from nurse that she loves milk, loves rice and beef, hates macaroni.  Being glad to learn more about her likes and dislikes.
Feeling sad at how much I've already missed in her life...feeling happy to know I have a lifetime to get to know her.
Loving being able to hold, touch, watch, STARE, smell our sweet little girl.  She smells of Johnson's baby shampoo.
Being amazed at all of her hair!  Feeling determined to learn how to do her hair so that she'll love it.

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