The Journey Home

Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Unexpected Gift

My eldest daughter, Emma, just gave me this poem this evening.


It is sad
But it is a miracle
A real, live miracle
The people who do it are blessed!
The kids who are...are home
This miracle is adoption
It is a blessing in sad disguise
The children are orphaned
Without parents, without homes
They need someone desperately
And the "someone" is provided
These people are parents 
Who love, and who care
Who feel like there is a child missing
And they relieve that feeling
It takes a LONG time
And it is nearly maddening
The soon-to-be parents wanting
The soon-to-be adopted, waiting
The dossier sent, the papers signed
The fingerprints taken, the visit to the capitol done
You wait, and you wait
And suddenly, it's the day!
The phone rings
It's the adoption agency
You are matched up with a child
You squeal, you cry, you laugh
You call everyone you know
And tell them that your child is coming home

by Emma Travis
February 10, 2011


  1. You have some pretty amazing kids Jenny. I'm loving reading about this journey that God is taking you all on. Thanks for sharing it with us :)